Rep. Peter says feds should cancel international, inter-island flights

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THE governor should ask the Federal Aviation Administration to cancel international flights to the CNMI, as well as inter-island travels, Rep. Marco Peter said on Thursday.

There are still flights from Guam to Rota, he added. On Thursday, Guam reported that the number of its Covid-19 cases had increased to 12 from eight.

“The FAA has to make a call to stop the flights,” Peter said. “The governor has to reach out to the federal authorities. It’s going to be bad for the economy, but I’d rather lose money than lose people.”

He added, “It is getting closer to home. People are going to fly from Guam to Rota this week. Everything should be cancelled, and the governor needs the authority to cancel flights.”

Peter said because the CNMI is “isolated we can prevent this virus from reaching our islands by placing our airports on lockdown today.”

However, he added, “The bad thing about our isolated location is that we lack supplies and medicines that will assist us in battling and containing this virus if or when it does hit us.”

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