Used cooking oil in containers dumped at Oleai Beach

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CONTAINERS filled with used cooking oil were left at Oleai Beach on Thursday, community volunteer Max Aguon said.

Containers filled with used cooking oil are seen near the barbecue stand of one of the beach pavilions.
Community volunteer Max Aguon shows the trailer full of trash bags that he will transport to the Lower Base transfer station.  Contributed photos

Last month, he found used cooking oil in containers that were dumped at Sugar Dock beach.

“It is sad that some people continue to improperly dispose of their waste. We can no longer tolerate this.”

Aguon said he has filed a report with the Division of Parks and Recreation and the Division of Environmental Quality.

He noted that littering remains rampant at some beaches.

He said beachgoers should help maintain the beaches because the government has shut down due to Covid-19 concerns, and no one has been assigned to pick up the trash in public areas.

“I volunteer to pick up trash from Monday to Friday,” said Aguon, who works at the Division of Parks and Recreation.

On Monday, from 6 a.m. to 12 noon, he conducted a cleanup from Sugar Dock Beach to Oleai Beach and portions of Beach Road.

He said he will continue his regular volunteer cleanup routine every Saturday and Sunday at Sugar Dock Beach and at the Chalan Kanoa Cemetery.

Aguon expressed his appreciation to U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan for providing him with drinking water during his recent cleanup activity.

He also thanked Parks and Recreation Director Victor Guerrero for providing all the necessary support during his volunteer service.

Aguon said his co-worker Rudy Camacho has been very helpful in assisting him with the transport of trash to the transfer station.

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