Health official: Heed the governor’s directive, stay home

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PEOPLE should heed Gov. Ralph DLG Torres’ directive to stay home, Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. Chief Operating Officer Subroto Banerji said.

“If people stop doing what they normally do — going to church, restaurants, stores or any area with a large crowd — it could give us a two-week reset. That is the essence of what they did in the mainland U.S., which is what we have to do here. The only way for viruses to find you is by jumping from one person to another,” said Banerji, who is also the deputy incident commander of CHCC’s area operation center.

In emphasizing the importance of social distancing, Banerji said data from the Johns Hopkins University’s Covid-19 monitoring website indicated that China had the largest virus cases, but the number came down “because they stayed home.”

He added, “So I am asking the people, ‘Why are you not heeding the governor’s advice?’ Please stay home.”

On Wednesday, Northern Marianas College launched a social-media campaign urging members of the public to “Stay Home, Save Lives: Do your part to contain the possible spread of the coronavirus or Covid-19 in the CNMI. Stay home and help prevent the transmission of the virus in our community, especially among our manamko.’”

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