MHS Glee Club raised the competition bar, says Tumon Bay Music Festival organizer

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MARIANAS High School’s Glee Club did not win the Sweepstakes Award in this year’s Tumon Bay Music Festival, which was held on Feb. 27 to March 7, but the students received the “greatest compliment” from the event’s organizer, MHS Glee Club director Harold Easton said.

He said TBMF artistic director Joanne Matanane recognized the MHS Glee Club “for raising the bar” in the annual competition.

“We become the team to beat,” Easton said. “She is basically saying that our being there has made the choral presentations better all the way. We are thankful for that recognition.”

The MHS Glee Club won the Sweepstakes Award in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Marianas High School’s Glee Club, Rhythm ‘n Harmony, won gold in the recently concluded Tumon Bay Music Festival.

This year, MHS received the gold in the choir category.

While on Guam, the MHS Glee Club also performed before 1,900 students from elementary and middle schools.

Bonnie Gio Sagana, an MHS Glee Club member, won the gold in the small and solo ensembles category, and was selected as one of the command performance singers.

“I have been participating in the TBMF for two years now,” Sagana said. “Being able to perform at Micronesia Mall was such an amazing experience — meeting new people, watching different acts from Guam and Saipan.”

Winning their first TBMF gold was Hopwood Middle School’s HDMP “T-Woah” in the Jazz, Rock and Beyond category.

Hopwood Middle Schools’ HDMP “T-Woah” won gold in the Tumon Bay Music Festival’s Jazz, Rock and Beyond category.  Contributed photos

HDMP “T-Woah” director and Hopwood teacher Felix Rabauliman said it was the group’s third time to participate in the competition.

He said it was also their first time to be included among the command performance groups. However, he said, they were not able to perform at Micronesia Mall because of scheduling issues.

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