McPhetres: NMTI cannot transition to online classes

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UNLIKE the Public School System, Northern Marianas Technical Institute Chief Executive Officer Agnes M. McPhetres on Tuesday said NMTI does not have the capability to conduct online classes.

Agnes McPhetres

Trade schools like NMTI provide hands-on learning, she added.

“You cannot get your ‘hands-on’ via technology. So I have to bring this issue to the NMTI board of trustees — the board will guide me,” she said in a phone interview.

On Monday, Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada announced that all public schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year, and classes will be conducted online through the Distance Education Program.

As for NMTI, McPhetres said she will meet the instructional staff on Wednesday to discuss the curriculum.

“We have to look in terms of our capability because right now we don’t have distance learning capability. College, secondary, and elementary are very different from trade schools,” McPhetres said, adding that NMTI has about 300 students.

Like the Public School System, which announced a two-week class suspension, McPhetres said NMTI is complying with the central government’s directive to observe social distancing and self-quarantine.


Green Meadow School is using Discord — not Viscord — as a platform for its online classes this week.

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