D&Q donates food to Empty Vessel Foundation

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D&Q International Distributors has donated food items to Empty Vessel Ministy Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in the local community.

D&Q International Distributors has donated food items to the Empty Vessel Foundation, a local charitable organization.  Contributed photo

EVM president and board chair Rosalyn Ajoste said on Wednesday, they received 180 boxes of cereal, 200 granola bars, and 72 bottles of orange juice from D&Q International Distributors manager Marilyn Marron.

“Thank you D&Q International Distributors for your generous donation,” Ajoste said. “It is a tremendous blessing to have received this gift during these difficult times.”

She noted that EVM “shined brightest during the Soudelor and Yutu typhoon aftermath recovery efforts,” but “we are holding off on distribution until we receive more food items.”

In 2018, she said, the United Way donated $20,000 to EVM for its emergency food program.

As of Wednesday, the foundation was out of funds, she added. “So we are appealing to local businesses for donations to keep us going.”

The economic situation has worsened, and more families are seeking help from EVM, Ajoste said.

The EVM office and thrift store are currently closed to ensure the safety of volunteer and community members amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Ajoste said EVM is a faith-based, grassroots organization that depends on the donation of generous individuals, businesses and volunteers in the community.

Its mission is to provide food, clothing, and bedding to those who need them, she added.

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