PSS to receive $12.6 million from federal stimulus package

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THE Public School System will receive $12.6 million from the $2 trillion stimulus package signed into law Friday by President Donald J. Trump, PSS federal programs manager Tim Thornburg said.

“We have some good news to share with you,” he told the Board of Education members who held an emergency meeting on Saturday afternoon via videoconference.

Thornburg said one of the components of the $2 trillion supplemental funding is the education stabilization fund, which amounts $30.74 billion.

Of this amount, he said $13 billion will go to primary and secondary schools and the rest is for colleges.

“What we will get from that is $12.6 million [for PSS]. There’s also $14 million for [Northern Marianas College] and $3 million for the governor, which he can either provide to PSS or the college or split it between the two,” Thornburg said.

He said PSS has 30 days to submit an application for the funding, and must wait for at least 30 days for approval.

“This will help us pay our employees and our contractors,” Thornburg added.

BOE member MaryLou Ada asked Thornburg why NMC will get more than PSS, which has more than 10,000 students and more than 1,000 employees.

“I have to remind you that this was drafted by the U.S. Senate and in each state, they have multiple colleges,” Thornburgh said. “They decided they wanted to put a little bit more of the stabilization money in post-secondary education.”

Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada said the PSS management team will meet today, Monday, to discuss, among other things, the education stabilization fund that PSS will receive from the U.S. government.

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