Empty Vessel Ministry distributes food to 200 individuals

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THE Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation distributed food packages to approximately 200 individuals on Saturday.

EVM president and chair Rosalyn Ajoste said each food package contained orange juice, cereals, granola, breakfast bars, salami, two to three pieces of quarter leg chicken, fresh tomatoes, and one can of corned beef.

The distribution is part of the food program of the charitable organization.

Ajoste said about 104 individuals were unable to receive their food packages on Saturday so they will be prioritized on the next distribution date.

“To be honest we were overwhelmed,” she added. “We were not expecting that big of a turnout considering we only got about five likes on our Facebook post the night before. This shows us that people are hungry.”

Meanwhile, Ajoste said they are hoping that stores and wholesalers will continue to make food donations to EVM.

For their part, some of the EVM board members themselves donated 200 lbs. of rice, she added.

“It would be nice if people volunteered their services to help instead of criticizing. Some people demanded drive-thru or home delivery. We are simply not equipped to do that,” Ajoste said, adding that EVM is also requesting members of the public to stand six feet apart from each other when lining up for the food packages.

Among the EVM donors are D&Q Distributors International, Yaong Corporation, Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research Education Extension Services, Bali Fashion, Neng and Eddie Terlaje, and Rosalyn Ajoste.

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