Community volunteer asks government to go after people dumping household trash in public areas

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COMMUNITY volunteer Max Aguon said some people are taking advantage of the fact that the anti-littering law is not being enforced.

Household trash has been dumped at Tank Beach.
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He said household trash continues to be dumped in public areas. These include the Kilili Beach pavilion, the Quartermaster/ Japanese tank area, Tank Beach in Kagman, Obyan Beach, Pakpak Beach, San Antonio Beach, and Micro Beach.

The trash included white goods or household appliances, laundry baskets, used clothes, and construction materials.

“The government should look into this because some people are destroying our environment — I don’t know why,” Aguon said.

He added that the government should enforce the law and go after violators.

Aguon said he has obtained several documents from the household trash, and the Division of Parks and Recreation is now looking for names in these documents.

He said he will continue cleaning beach areas especially now that most government offices have been shut down due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Recently, Aguon picked up trash in the Dandan basketball court area.

He thanked another community volunteer, Gerry Agulto, for assisting him in his regular cleanup activities.

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