CHCC, task force screen over 400 individuals for Covid-19

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THE Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. and the governor’s Covid-19 Task Force screened 476 individuals at the former Mariana Resort on Sunday, task force chairman said.

“We were able to screen those people who came to the site early in the morning,” he said. “They were community members who were concerned about their health so CHCC conducted a test to address their concerns.”

The screening activity ended about 1:30 p.m., Villagomez said.

According to another source who was involved in the screening, these individuals were those who have had contacts with two Covid-19 patients, one of whom had traveled to Guam.

The individuals from this group that were identified as persons under investigation were brought on Sunday to Kanoa Resort where they are now quarantined.

One of the individuals who went to the former Mariana Resort on Sunday told Variety that she and her family members had no encounter with the two Covid-19 patients.

“Not all of us have met or talked to the patients, but our church leader advised us to participate in the screening,” she said.

She added that most of them went to the former Mariana Resort with their families. “The screening was quick and orderly. There were some police officers who managed the traffic and made sure that we observed social distancing.”

The church members reside in Koblerville and Garapan.

“They took our temperature and asked us if we were exposed to any member of the family who was sick. They also asked us if we were coughing or suffering from a headache or having a hard time breathing,” the church member said of the screening process.

She said her church organization has been complying with governor’s enhanced social distancing directive. “Since last February or early March, we have been discouraged from attending church and we have been attending our worship service through WebEx.”

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