Medical Care and Treatment Site now available

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(Office of the Governor) — The governor’s Covid-19 Task Force, and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. announce the transition of the CHCC Covid-19 health tent to the Medical Care and Treatment Site or MCATS in the CHCC upper level parking lot.

The CHCC Covid-19 tent operations, in front of the upper level CHCC Outpatient Pharmacy, will now be at the MCATS effective Saturday, May 9, 2020. The MCATS tent will be open Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Patients can register and wait in MCATS Tent #13 for the following:

  • Individuals experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or are concerned about Covid-19 infection
  • Individuals exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 during the screening process before going to their appointment (e.g. oncology, dialysis)
  • Identified individuals by the Contact Tracing Team
  • Clinical evaluation for work clearance. This does not include testing for Covid-19, unless clinically necessary
  • IgG/IgM testing for interested first responders
  • Other Covid-19 related functions as needed

During the patient examination, a medical provider will determine if the patient has Covid-19 symptoms and provide care as needed or refer to appropriate location/facility.

Parking at the MCATS will be available for use by patients.

The establishment of the MCATS is a result of the proactive leadership of Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, CHCC Chief Executive Officer Esther L. Muna, the governor’s Covid-19 Task Force, FEMA, and the Department of Defense.


Patients that need immediate/emergency medical attention may proceed to the CHCC ER as normal.

The governor’s Covid-19 Task Force and CHCC continue to encourage residents within the Marianas to practice social distancing, which means avoiding close contact with people in order to avoid catching the virus yourself and to avoid passing it on to others.

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