To retiring teachers, with love

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DURING Teacher Appreciation Week, a group of community members threw a virtual retirement party to celebrate retiring educators.

Pastor Mattie Ice, a teacher at Saipan Community School in Susupe, along with other community members, noted that not a lot of attention was paid to retiring teachers who, like graduating students, are also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group reached out to family and friends around the world to send special greetings to retiring teachers.

“We threw a retirement party at the park, practicing good hygiene and restrictions provided by Gov. Ralph DLG Torres. These teachers have seen a lot, and they do not get to celebrate their retirement the way they have been thinking about for 30-plus years,” said the pastor.

Several community members threw a virtual retirement party during Teacher Appreciation Week. Contributed photo

He added, “These teachers have been teaching way longer than I have been alive. They started teaching using yellow paper, then they had to switch to smartboards, smartphones, tablets, and Google.”

To the retirement class of 2020, he said, “Whatever your subject matter has been over the years, whether you taught elementary, junior high, high school, or you just taught electives or selectives, this is for you.”

Individuals from around the world, including the Philippines and the U.S. mainland, sent heartfelt messages to the retiring teachers.

In closing, Pastor Ice said, “Good things are happening on this island, and we are excited to be a part of it. We are hopeful that we can provide the same type of encouragement to retiring teachers that has been shown to graduating students. It is a unique time, and with creativity, we can share love and appreciation.”

The virtual retirement party can be viewed on Pastor Mattie Ice’s YouTube page, or by visiting

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