Gas prices up by 15 cents 

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AFTER a series of rollbacks in the past two months, the prices of gasoline went up by 15 cents and diesel by 10 cents on Friday.

The price of regular gasoline at Mobil rose from $3.08 a gallon to $3.23 a gallon; supreme, from $3.53 a gallon to $3.68 a gallon; and diesel, from $3.61 a gallon to $3.71 a gallon.


The Mobil Oil Marianas service station on Middle Road, Garapan displays the new fuel prices on Friday. Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

House Committee on Commerce and Tourism Chairman Joseph Leepan T. Guerrero said he will bring up the fuel price increase to his colleagues and the Attorney General’s Office because the price freeze directive that Gov. Ralph DLG Torres issued in March should still be in effect.

“I’ve never seen a new directive from the governor lifting the price freeze,” he added.

When the price freeze took effect on March 5, the regular gas price was $3.93 a gallon while supreme cost $4.38 a gallon.

Guerrero said the administration or the AG’s office must explain to consumers how the price freeze is implemented.

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