IT&E investigates ‘spoof’ calls

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IT&E CNMI is investigating phone calls that its subscribers received from people who said they never made such calls, Variety was told.

The calls were mostly made around midnight Mother’s Day, May 10.

One of the subscribers said: “I received a call from someone who told me that he received a call from my number, but I didn’t make the call.”

Another subscriber said he received a call from a local number with a recorded message in Chinese.

The calls were made from phones whose first three numbers are 783.

In a statement on Monday, IT&E said it “has received reports of suspicious calls in the CNMI from local phone numbers. IT&E has identified these calls as spoof calls, where a third-party falsifies the information transmitted to a caller ID display to disguise their identity so that it appears as if the call is coming from a local number.”

IT&E said its “system remains secure and no evidence of a breach or hacking has been detected. This is the work of an unknown third party. Subscribers are encouraged to remain vigilant when answering calls from unsaved numbers and to refrain from giving personal information over the phone without verifying if the caller is legitimate. To report suspicious activity, subscribers can call the IT&E Customer Care Center at 682-4483.”




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