Scheduled water service interruption 

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(CUC) —  The   Commonwealth    Utilities    Corp. would  like   to  inform  the  general   public  that  there  will  be  a scheduled   water  service interruption   in San  Roque,   Achugao  and Tanapag   on Tuesdav,  May 12, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. to 4  p.m.

The  cause  of  the  scheduled   water  service   interruption    is  due  to  a  12-inch   main  line  break located   on  Chalan   Pale   Road  near  the  former   Plumeria    Hotel    in  Achugao. CUC  water operations  personnel   will  be making  the necessary  repairs  on said  schedule.    Customers    in the affected  areas  should  expect  restoration   of  water  service   soon  thereafter.    Motorists   are  also advised  to proceed  with caution  when traveling   through  the area.

Another scheduled  water service interruption  will affect lower  Dandan,  As Lito,  Fina  Sisu,   portions  of As Perdido   and  Koblerville   on Thursday,   May 14, from  8:30  a.m.  to 4 p.m.

The  purpose  of  the  emergency   water  service  interruption   is  to  allow  CUC's   water  operations personnel   to  perform   repairs   on  a  damaged   6-inch   waterline   located  on  Exploring   Drive   in Airport  Road Dandan.   Customers  should   expect restoration  of water services  soon thereafter.

For the safety  of men  and women  working  at the site,  motorists  are advised  to proceed  with caution  when traveling   by the area.

Also on May 14,  a scheduled  water service   interruption in  upper  Gualo   Rai  will affect  commercial     customers   north  of the  Gualo  Rai  traffic  light  to Taro  Sue from 8  a.m.  to 5  p.m.  Customers  in the affected areas should  expect  restoration   of water services   soon thereafter. 

The  purpose  of the scheduled    water  interruption   is  to allow  CUC's   contractor,   AIC  Marianas Inc. to connect  the  new  8-inch   distribution  main  to the existing    16-inch  main   as part of CUC's Gualo    Rai   waterline   replacement    project  funded   by  the  Environmental Protection Agency.    As  a  result  of  the  waterline replacement,    a more reliable  water system  will be provided   to the community.

CUC appreciates   the public's   understanding   and cooperation  and will continue  to work diligently   to minimize  any inconvenience   to its customers.

For more information,    contact  the CUC Customer  Call  Center at 664-4282  or monitor  its Facebook page for the latest  updates  (

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