Used car tires, household trash dumped at Tank Beach

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USED car tires and household trash were dumped at Tank Beach on Friday, community volunteer Max Aguon said.

He added that rampant violations of the anti-littering law are infuriating and unfair to other community members who are trying to keep their surroundings clean.

 Community volunteer Max Aguon shows the used car tires and household trash dumped at Tank Beach on Friday. Contributed photo

Aguon, who conducts cleanup activities all over the island, said he was shocked to see used car tires, a broken car seat, and household trash all over the area.

“Now people are dumping car tires,” he told Variety, adding that the trash bins at the site were also filled with household trash.

These bins are for beachgoers, not for household trash, Aguon said, adding that the government should “cordon” the area to prevent people from dumping their household trash in the area.


Community volunteers Max Aguon and Gerry Agulto conducted a cleanup drive over the weekend from San Antonio to the Micro Beach area in Garapan. Contributed photo

During their cleanup activity over the weekend, Aguon said he and another community volunteer, Gerry Agulto, also found a five-gallon container filled with used motor oil and a broken chair.

Every time they pick up trash at Tank Beach they ended up with a full trailer even though only a few beachgoers frequent the area, Aguon said.

He said they conduct cleanup drives from San Antonio to Micro Beach in Garapan every Saturday and Sunday.

Aguon also thanked Rolly Querijero for helping during the recent cleanup activities.


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