Another contractor sues IPI for breach of agreement

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TANG’s Corporation has sued Imperial Pacific International in federal court for non-payment of a contractual agreement amounting to $230,623.53.

Through attorney Marc Scoggins, the company filed a petition to compel arbitration and a complaint for damages.

The lawsuit also asks the District Court for the NMI to issue an order awarding Tang’s Corp. actual damages, and an order directing IPI to take possession of its property stored at Tang’s Corp. or to otherwise provide for its disposal.

Tang’s Corp. likewise wants a mechanic’s lien attached to the IPI property and an order foreclosing the mechanic’s lien.

Moreover, the plaintiff said the court should direct IPI to proceed with arbitration regarding the second agreement between IPI and Tang’s Corp.

According to the lawsuit, Tang’s Corp. and IPI, in 2016, entered into an agreement to remove construction debris and landfill from the casino resort construction site and store it for disposal at the expense of IPI.

But Tang’s Corp. said IPI has failed to pay what the defendant owed under the agreement in the amount of $144,623.52.

The lawsuit also stated that IPI hired Tang’s Corp to perform consulting services in relation to fire suppression systems at the casino construction site.

IPI failed to pay what it owed Tang’s Corp. under the agreement in the amount of at least $86,000, the lawsuit stated.

Tang’s Corp. said it demanded arbitration, but IPI ignored the plaintiff’s demands.

Variety was unable to get a comment from IPI.




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