Woman says partly eaten food handed at Grab-N-Go line on Guam

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HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — Last week, Jasmin San Nicolas waited in line at the Grab-N-Go meals site at Southern High School.

When she got home and opened one of the meals, she was disgusted to find food already bitten, with a fork still inside the disposable lunch box.

She immediately threw the food away, but not after posting the photo on social media, encouraging others to be careful and check their meals beforehand.

"We're already struggling as it is," San Nicolas said.

The Grab-N-Go meals provided by the Guam Department of Education help more than 12,000 students with lunch and breakfast every day.

According to San Nicolas, she has messaged GDOE but has yet to receive a response.

Isa Baza, spokesperson for GDOE, said the department did not receive the complaint but will be looking into the situation.

"We encourage anyone with a complaint to immediately inform the school staff or Sodexo so we can verify the complaint and investigate," Baza said. Sodexo is GDOE's cafeteria meals provider.

Jasmin San Nicolas shares a photo of food that appeared to have been bitten with a fork still inside a lunch box from the Grab-N-Go meals site at Southern High School on Guam. Photo courtesy of Jasmin San Nicolas

Like many, San Nicolas is furloughed and waiting on any financial aid the government can provide.

The Department of Revenue and Taxation had recently processed 40,000 economic impact relief checks.

The money would help toward paying utility bills and basic necessities.

While the Guam Power Authority and Guam Waterworks Authority offer deferment plans for their customers, she would rather make payments on a timely basis rather than it accumulating over time.

With her husband just recently returning back to work, for now, she said, they are just getting by.

With Pandemic Condition of Readiness 2, certain businesses and government services are starting to reopen, but San Nicolas believes it's too soon.

While there are still people recovering from Covid-19, she's fearful there may still be positive cases on island and reopening would help the spread of the virus.

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