Friends of CW to distribute more care packages on Saipan and Rota

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THE Friends of CW will hold its fourth distribution of care packages to furloughed workers on CW-1 permits on Saipan this Saturday, organizer Irene Nepomuceno Holl said.

On May 23, her group will send 200 care packages to the CWs on Rota where the distribution will be a joint effort of the Rotary Club of Saipan and the Friends of CW.

Holl is a board member of the Rotary Club of Saipan whose president, Marcia Ayuyu, has expressed support for community activities that help the needy.

On Saipan this Saturday, Holl said they will distribute 180 care packages, which include rice, canned goods, and butane canisters.

A Friends of CW volunteer and an ER nurse at the Commonwealth Health Center, Alma Basilgo holds a bag of egg sandwiches for front-line staff and first responders. Contributed photo

“We are only dependent on donations,” she said, adding that if they continue to receive donations, they will continue to distribute care packages.

On Wednesday, the Friends of CW distributed egg sandwiches to the front-liner staff and first responders of the Commonwealth Health Center and the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Holl said.

She said the bread for the sandwiches was donated by Herman’s Modern Bakery.

A Friends of CW volunteer and an ER nurse at CHC, Alma Basilgo said the nurses and doctors were “very grateful” for the sandwiches.

Holl thanked the volunteers who helped prepare the sandwiches: Second Lady Wella Palacios, Martha Bonitz Badelles, and Alma Basilgo.


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