Mayor Apatang says cleanliness can help stop spread of Covid-19

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CLEANING one’s surroundings is vital especially now that Saipan is coping with the Covid-19 crisis, Mayor David M. Apatang said.

“If we maintain cleanliness we can help prevent the spread of the virus,” the mayor said as he expressed disappointment over the dumping of household trash in beach areas.

Apatang said community members should cooperate because the government has limited manpower to maintain the cleanliness of the island.

Community volunteer Max Aguon shows the rope and fishing nets dumped at Tank Beach a day after he removed used tires and household trash from the area. Contributed photo

The other day, community volunteer Max Aguon reported that trash had been dumped again at Tank Beach.

Previously, he found used tires and household trash. The next day, he found rope, fishing nets, and more household trash dumped at the same site.

Apatang said when the mayor’s office reopened on Tuesday, he immediately dispatched field operation personnel to conduct a cleanup campaign as part of the beautification program.

Such cleanups should be conducted daily, he added.

The mayor is hoping that the Department of Public Works can now provide transfer stations in Kagman and Koblerville so people there will stop dumping their household trash in public areas.



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