Drought continues throughout region

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CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management on Friday said drought conditions continue to persist throughout much of the Micronesian region.

A dry, trade wind pattern will continue in the next couple of weeks across the CNMI, and adequate weekly rainfall is not expected for a little over three to four weeks, HSEM stated.

Other jurisdictions, including the Marshall Islands and parts of the FSM, have been experiencing steady to spotty showers while the CNMI remains dry.

HSEM stated that a tropical upper tropospheric trough, or TUTT, is beginning to establish itself across the region.

Also known as a mid-oceanic trough, the TUTT is usually caused by an encroachment of energy and wind from the mid-latitudes into the tropics, HSEM stated.

At its strongest, the TUTT can present significant vertical wind shear, or a change in wind speed or direction with change in altitude, and moderate tropical cyclogenesis, which is the development and strengthening of a tropical cyclone in the atmosphere, HSEM stated.

Under certain circumstances, it added, the TUTT can generate thunderstorm activity and lead to the formation of tropical cyclones, which normally develop during the summer.

HSEM stated that the combination of the TUTT, a slight northward shift in the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, or ITCZ, and disturbances indicate that a wetter pattern is trying to establish across most of the region.

The El Nino-Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, neutral conditions are expected to continue throughout the fall, with most models indicating a transition to La Nina by winter, HSEM stated.

To receive the latest weather updates and notifications, HSEM encourages residents to download its Ready CNMI App for free in the Apple Store or Google PlayStore.

For more information, contact the CNMI EOC State Warning Point at 237-8000 or 664-8000.



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