Friends of CW distribute care packages on Rota

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THE Friends of CW led by organizer Irene Nepomuceno Holl distributed 150 care packages on Rota Saturday.

This was the fifth round of distributions the organization has administered since it was formed on Saipan to help contract workers who were furloughed due to the Covid-19 crisis.

On Rota, Holl said not only CW permit holders availed themselves of assistance, but humanitarian parolees, H1, and religious visa holders as well. 

Friends of CW headed by Irene Nepomuceno Holl, other volunteers, and members of the Filipino Community of Rota pose for a photo with Mayor Efraim Atalig during the distribution of care packages at West Harbor. Contributed photo

The care packages contained canned goods, butane canisters, noodles, rice, and coffee.

“We also included garlic and onion as per their request,” Holl said as she thanked the Rotary Club of Saipan for facilitating the delivery of the care packages from Saipan to Rota.

Holl said they are also “very grateful” to Rota Mayor Efraim Atalig and his staff members who helped distribute the care packages at West Harbor.

Volunteers Alma Basilgo, Ladyvir Canape, and Danny Borlain accompanied Holl.

The distribution was also facilitated by the Filipino Community of Rota headed by its president Jesi Calvo.

“We stayed at Valentino Hotel to continue our distribution as we were only allowed at West Harbor until 4 p.m.,” Holl said, adding that the Department of Public Safety helped ensure that everyone complied with the social-distancing protocols.

Holl likewise thanked Senate President Victor B. Hocog for providing assistance to her, the TSL Foundation, and the other volunteers who helped pack the items for distribution.

Holl also thanked major sponsors Hardt Eye Clinic, Budget Rent-a-Car, and those who declined identification.

The Friends of CW, she added, are now preparing for the next distribution of care packages, this time on Tinian.

“We will also continue our distribution here on Saipan by delivering the care packages to the homes of recipients,” Holl said.

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