Saipan Centennial Lions Club paints Chalan Kiya speed bumps

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THE Saipan Centennial Lions Club headed by its president Arceli Lizama on Saturday painted four speed bumps in Chalan Kiya.

Super Typhoon Yutu, which hit the island in Oct. 2018, delayed the implementation of the project, Lizama said as she expressed gratitude to a new club member, Michael “Mikee” Guirey, for pushing the project.


Members of the Saipan Centennial Lions Club apply paint on a speed bump in Chalan Kiya on Saturday.

The other club members who assisted in its implementation were Ruth Reyes, Jasminda Guiao, Petelyn Camacho, Lourdes Ortiz, Riana Barlao, Carmen Japitana, Merlyn Daamo, Teddy Guiao, Ricardo Ortiz, Juvy Ortiz, and Aurelio Rodriguez.

Lizama said the residents of Chalan Kiya were thankful for the project, adding that one resident even gave them oranges.

Club member Hector Sevilla also provided his fellow Lions with refreshments while Marie Javier donated one can of paint.


Members of the Saipan Centennial Lions Club led by Arceli Lizama pose for a photo before painting speed bumps in Chalan Kiya on Saturday. Contributed photos

“Members brought food for a potluck-style lunch,” Lizama said, as she thanked all members who supported the project.

She said they will continue to paint five more speed bumps in the area.

The Department of Public Works provided the Lions with traffic cones and facilitated the implementation of the project through Isagani Salazar, Lizama said.


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