Animal protection bill heads to governor’s desk

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THE Animal Protection Act of 2019 was passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday and will be transmitted to Gov. Ralph DLG Torres.

Animal protection legislation was initially introduced by former Rep. Stanley T. Torres during the 16th Legislature, but unfortunately did not pass the Senate.

Rep. Edwin Propst reintroduced the legislation in his previous two terms, but again to no avail.

Edwin Propst

On his third try, Propst introduced H.B. 21-59, which was amended before it was passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate.

The bill would prohibit cruelty and theft of animals, and includes fines and penalties to be imposed on anyone who mistreats, abandons, or neglects an animal, regardless of who owns the animal.

Cruel mistreatment of an animal is defined as any torture or unnecessary physical injury placed upon an animal, including killing an animal in any method that causes suffering to the animal.

These cruel and unusual methods of inflicting harm upon an animal include, and are not limited to, beating, burning, crushing, drowning, mutilating, maiming, stabbing, and/or suffocating an animal.

“Today, for the first time, we passed the Animal Act, and it is a great day for animal lovers,” Propst said during the House session on Thursday.

He added, “While we do everything we can to help and protect our people during this pandemic, let us not neglect God’s creatures who simply want a little love and affection from us.”




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