NMI House resolution honors late Chuuk chief justice

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A HOUSE resolution was introduced by Rep. Luis John Castro on Thursday to commemorate the life of the late Chuuk State Supreme Court Chief Justice Camillo Noket who was laid to rest in Chuuk on Wednesday.

With no objections from the other members of the House, the resolution was placed on the calendar for action during the next House session.

Camillo Noket

Noket was also recognized posthumously by members of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures on Wednesday through APIL Executive Resolution 2020-01.

APIL is a regional organization composed of legislative representatives from 12 Pacific jurisdictions, including the Commonwealth, the FSM, and the State of Hawai’i.

The APIL resolution details Noket’s academic and professional achievements since the 1960s, highlighting his years of service to the region, including his service as directing attorney for the Micronesian Legal Services Corporation, attorney general for the FSM, president of the Pacific Judicial Council, and, most notably, as chief justice of the Chuuk State Supreme Court.



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