Catholic churches to reopen on May 29

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(Diocese of Chalan Kanoa) — Bishop Ryan P. Jimenez issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“On  Friday,  May  29,  2020,  the  Diocese  of  Chalan  Kanoa  will  begin  to  open  its  churches   in preparation  for the celebration  of the Holy Eucharist  on Pentecost  Sunday.

“This health  crisis continues  to be very serious  and all of us are requested  to do our part in ensuring that  its  spread  in  our  community   is  mitigated.  To  this  end  all  public  celebration   of  Masses, including  funerals  and  weddings,   will  be limited  to no  more  than  25%  of the capacity  of each church.   Recommended   physical  distancing  between  parishioners  and wearing  of masks  will al so be strictly  implemented.    Specific  guidelines  and restrictions  will be released  by your respective parishes  and pastors.

“The dispensation  of the obligation  to attend the Sunday celebration  of the Holy Eucharist continues for those  who seek it in order to avoid the risk of infection,  particularly  those  persons  with higher vulnerability.    Livestreaming  and broadcasting   of Sunday  Masses  at the cathedral  will continue.

“Other parish  gatherings  remain suspended  until further notice.

“I thank you, our dear  parishioners,   for your  patience  and cooperation  during  these  trying  times.

“I pray that you continue to do so while we prepare our churches  for re-opening  this coming Sunday.

“I also  thank our government  and health  officials  for all their efforts to keep our community  safe as well for their valuable  collaboration  with the church as we slowly  open for public  worship.

“Let us continue  to pray for every member  of our community.”

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