Guam police: 4 children found living in dire conditions; couple charged with child abuse

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HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — A couple has been arrested after Guam police officers found four young children staying in a Yona residence made of shipping containers that were reported to be in a dilapidated state.

Shane Anthony Peredo Borja, 31, and Mellary Rae Charfauros, 26, each was charged with four counts of child abuse and four counts of failure to provide. Both charges were filed as misdemeanors.

Mellary Rae Charfauros  Shane Anthony Peredo Borja

According to court documents, police had pulled over a car believed to be linked to a theft of a motor vehicle complaint.

The car was stopped at the Charfauros’ residence in Yona. Officers noted the residence was a collection of shipping containers that were in a poor state and single mattress in the dwelling was being supported by bricks, documents state.

Authorities also noted the smell of trash and human feces inside the containers and that there appeared to be no running water at the location, documents state.

Officers then spotted the children, ages 1, 2, 3, and 6, inside the home. The skin and clothing on the three youngest were heavily soiled and their hands and feet were covered in black dirt, document state.

One child told police that they had not eaten that entire day.

Charfauros admitted that there was no food in the home, documents state.

Officers later located Borja. Both admitted that the living conditions were not suitable for children, documents state.

Charfauros also admitted to using drugs such as Percocet and marijuana, while authorities noted that Borja had been arrested in 2014 for illegal drug possession, documents state.

Officers bought food, soap and diapers for the children and served them food at the police precinct. An officer’s family members also donated clothing before the children were taken into the care of Child Protective Services.

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