PSS chief: No decision yet on how to reopen schools

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EDUCATION Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada on Tuesday said the Public School System is still considering all options in reopening the schools in September.

He said how classes will be conducted depends on the Covid-19 situation in the CNMI, and is subject to the approval of the Board of Education.

Ada said PSS is considering the full opening of schools, which will involve the physical attendance of students, teachers, and support staff; a partial opening of schools that will allow small groups of students in classrooms; and remote learning.

For remote learning, he said the options are full online instruction and blended learning, which is a combination of classroom and online instruction.

Earlier, the commissioner said PSS was considering remote learning for student instruction.

To prepare for that option, PSS conducted surveys to determine how many families do not have internet connection.

“We are finding out that not all of our community members are ready for remote learning,” Ada said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, PSS is “keeping an eye on the Covid-19 situation,” he added.

“We need to prepare for all options and account for all possible scenarios because the situation is constantly changing. We also need to work with government leaders and the Covid-19 task force,” he said.

The primary consideration of PSS is ensuring the safety of students while providing them with quality education, Ada said.









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