Filipino CWs who lost lawful immigration status can be repatriated

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FILIPINO workers on CW-1 permits can avail themselves of the repatriation program administered by the Philippine government if they no longer have lawful immigration status in the Commonwealth, Philippine Honorary Consul to the CNMI Glicerio “Eli” Arago said on Thursday.

Filipino contract workers who still have status but want to return to the Philippines can ask their employers to pay for their airfare, he added.

The consulate is now waiting for the resumption of the Saipan-Guam-Manila flight service so it can implement the repatriation program, Arago said.

The remains of three deceased Philippine citizens have to be transported to their home country, he said.

Two Filipinos who were referred to hospitals in the Philippines are also waiting for the resumption of the flight service to Manila, he added.

“We are ready to repatriate them as soon as the flights resume,” Arago said.




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