42 restaurants certified for dine-in

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AS of Wednesday, 42 establishments had been certified for dine-in service, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. said during the Saipan Chamber of Commerce online general membership meeting.

These are Aiko’s Ramen in Susupe, American Pizza & Grill in Garapan, Bistro Marianas in Chalan Kanoa, Canton Restaurant in Garapan, Casa Urashima in Garapan, Cha Cafe & Bistro in Garapan, Chunggiwa in Garapan, D’Elegance, Godfather’s Bar (restaurant only) in Garapan, Gold Ribbon in Chalan Piao, Grotto Restaurant, Guang Zhou, Himawari in Garapan, Latte Cafe in Garapan, McDonald’s in Garapan and Chalan Laulau, Miyako at Hyatt, Music Bank, Naked Fish Bar & Grill (restaurant only) in Garapan, Nam Dae Moon in Garapan, New Double, New Majestic Chinese Restaurant in Garapan, Jang Gun, Jang Won in Garapan, Kinpachi in Garapan, Korea House in Susupe, Kuri-Ya, Oleai Beach Bar & Grill in Oleai, Piggy House in Chalan Laulau, Pepoy’s Cafe in Chalan Kanoa, Puerto Rico Bento in lower Navy Hill, Salty’s in Garapan, Subway in Gualo Rai and Chalan Piao, Surf Club in Chalan Kanoa, Thunder Chicken, Tom Yum, Wild Bill’s, Winchell’s Donut House in Susupe, Zoom Cafe in Susupe, and Zoom Chicken in Susupe.

CHCC said bars will remain closed, but restaurants which hold a permit to serve alcohol may continue to do so. However, “any restaurant serving food only incidental to the consumption of alcohol, may be construed to be operating as a bar as defined in 6 CMC §3171, which is not allowed to operate at this time.”

“To make certain that their restaurant is not operating as a bar, it is recommended that managers and owners guide patrons to order meals, and not only alcoholic beverages, during their time in the establishment,” CHCC said. “Restaurants, which have attached bars should not allow guests to sit at the attached bar until such time that bars are allowed to operate,” said the health professionals.

In collaboration with the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers and the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, CHCC-Bureau of Environmental Health has issued a list of certification requirements so that restaurants can provide patrons with safe dine-in services while also ensuring the safety of their employees.

Under the current community vulnerability level yellow, restaurants offering dine-in services must limit occupancy to 25% of their maximum capacity; require patrons to make reservations to dine in; maintain records of one point of contact for each party for contact tracing purposes; limit parties to no more than four people per table; enforce six-foot social distancing; encourage outdoor seating whenever possible; and refrain from offering self-service food or drinks such as buffet style dining or beverage refill stations.

Restaurant owners may request an inspection for compliance certification online on the CHCC Covid-19 page at chcc.gov.mp or they may call BEH at 664-4870/2/3 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Restaurant patrons should look for posted certification of compliance with level yellow requirements. Valid certificates of compliance are signed by BEH inspectors and include the sanitation permit number of the restaurant for reference. If you believe a restaurant is operating out of compliance with the rules, you may contact 664-4677 to alert regulators. BEH may order an establishment to close if it is found to be noncompliant.



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