Mayor Apatang congratulates graduates

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MAYOR David M. Apatang congratulates all the graduating students on Saipan for their achievement.

“As graduates of 2020, your vision of the future is superbly clear” despite the obstacles they are facing, he added.

“Your journey is replete with surprises, unknowns, knowns, and most of all, your fervent desire to tame this world to be aligned with your aspirations, hopes, and visions,” he said.

Apatang said this year is a unique period for everyone, adding, “Who would have thought students will be graduating from school the virtual way?”

“But times are a-changing, and this experience will make other future challenges easily manageable and almost routine for you,” he said.   

The crisis everyone is facing today should not be a setback for the graduating class, the mayor said.

However, he said, it should be the greatest lesson that they could possibly get in their lifetime. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused upheaval in how people conduct their affairs, how the economy reacts, and how everyone’s perspective of the future has changed, he added.

The mayor said that despite the anxiety, the fear, the uncertainty, the disappointments, the narrowing of what the future holds for everyone, there is one lesson to be taken from the pandemic. 

The pandemic has taught everyone to be unified and, most important of all, to be disciplined, Apatang said. 

You will survive, you will make it, and you will make the future yours.  Always remember that life will shock you with many challenges,” he said.

The mayor said that some will be temporary, like the pandemic, while others not. 

“Do not let these things scar you forever.  You are ready to take on the world,” he said.

He also lauded the parents of the graduating classes saying they have done an admirable job of helping their children accomplish a milestone in their journey in life.

The mayor likewise commended educators for their contribution in the formation of graduating students.

“To all teachers, your hard work, dedication, and care for your students in fulfilling their graduation requirements are greatly appreciated,” he said, adding the teachers have prepared the graduates well to help each other make this world a better place.

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