IT&E reminds community to call before digging

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(Press Release) — Following a recent disruption to wireless, internet and landline services caused by cable cuts in Kagman during road construction, IT&E reminds contractors, construction companies, government agencies and residents to call before digging for any type of construction or renovation.

Calling before digging protects you and the community. IT&E’s fiber and copper cables are buried underground, and any damage caused by digging could cause a service outage. Hitting a buried line while digging can cost money to repair or cause serious injury or death.

“The recent inadvertent cable cuts caused an outage for subscribers in three villages. Repairs have been made and we are monitoring the cables in the area but are unable to make further improvements until construction is completed,” said Rose Soledad, general manager of IT&E.

Projects that could damage cables include major road construction and minor improvement projects.

The community is encouraged to call 611 at least 24 hours prior to digging so that associates can provide guidance on the location of buried IT&E cables.

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