MCS instructor exemplifies commitment to education

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(MCS) — Mount Carmel School recognizes first-grade instructor Jasseline “Jass” Ayuyu Seman for exemplifying a commitment to education.

Ms. Jass graduated from Chapin High School in El Paso Texas in 2014 and returned home to the CNMI to start her college career and academic journey. With education being a priority in her life, Ms. Jass first earned her associates in Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Education before earning her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

However, the journey was not easy. In addition to managing her studies, Ms. Jass needed to balance her obligations to her family. Ms. Jass shared, “I feel that my greatest trial while working towards my degree was managing time with family and school work. My greatest accomplishments so far are earning my bachelor's degree, being a good role model for my family, and pursuing my lifelong dream of being an educator.”

Jass Seman


Mount Carmel School principal Ms. Barbara Merfalen shared, “We are very lucky to have Ms. Jass as a part of our school family. She started as a teaching assistant, but proved herself to be a valuable member in our faculty and is now one of the homeroom advisors for our kindergarten students.”

That same year Ms. Jass joined the MCS community in 2019, a long-time faculty member and beloved instructor, Ms. Delfina Muna announced her retirement. Before Ms. Muna’s departure, Ms. Jass worked along-side Ms. Muna to ease the students in with the transition. It was in 2019, that Ms. Jass was also due with her second daughter.

“I understand how important it is in our society to have strong credentials to gain more opportunities and build a successful future. At this point, I look forward to growing more as a professional and educator.”

Ms. Jass shared that earning her bachelor’s degree is just the beginning as she is already enrolled in Framingham State University’s Master’s Degree program in International Teaching through Northern Marianas College.

“I would like to credit my family, instructors, mentors, School of Education cohort, and Mount Carmel School for believing in me and my success.”

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