Governor is promoting NMI through YouTube channel, press secretary says

YouTube star and host of “Deer Meat for Dinner” Robert Arrington, left, and Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, are visiting the Northern Islands. Deer Meat for Dinner photo

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GOVERNOR Ralph DLG Torres is with Robert Arrington, host of the Deer Meat For Dinner YouTube channel and his film crew, for an expedition in the Northern Islands to promote CNMI tourism, Press Secretary Kevin Bautista said on Wednesday.

“The CNMI is 14 islands strong, and the Northern Islands have always been both an environmental and cultural priority of Governor Torres and his administration,” Bautista added. 

“The purpose of the trip is to promote the Marianas as a world-class destination that holds some of the most unique environments and cultures in the world to both existing and new source markets for tourism.

“The governor is being proactive with promoting the Marianas to a diverse tourism market, and he continues to provide solutions to strengthen the viability and reputation of the Marianas as a world-class destination.”

Bautista said, “Deer Meat For Dinner” has a “dedicated following of over 2.3 million subscribers from around the U.S. mainland and around the world on YouTube. The trip is intended to bring significant exposure for the Marianas.”

He also noted that “the trip has been planned out for over a year with both the governor and [the Marianas Visitors Authority] to promote the Northern Islands.”

During Wednesday’s press briefing on KKMP radio, Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios said the governor “calls me every morning to provide updates.”

He said the governor was “supposed to be back this weekend, but going to the Northern Islands, when the weather changes, and the sea conditions or ocean conditions change — those things sometimes take a day or two before or after your scheduled arrival. But I expect him back this weekend.”

Robert Arrington,  along with his wife, two children, and crew, arrived in the Commonwealth two weeks ago. He was contracted by the CNMI to promote the Northern Islands.

Last week, Arrington released footage on his YouTube Channel showing the capture and release of four native Sambar deer — two does and two bucks — on Pagan, one of the Northern Islands.

Footage also shows snippets of Governor Torres and his three young sons on the trip, accompanied by Department of Public Safety officers, participating in the release of the deer.


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