‘Deer Meat for Dinner’ brings the Marianas more exposure

YouTuber Robert Arrington, right, samples deer meat “kelaguen” while taping his show “Deer Meat for Dinner” on in October 2018.

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(MVA) —  YouTube series “Deer Meat for Dinner” has premiered its latest series of episodes filmed in the Marianas, bringing exposure of the islands to a new demographic of potential visitors.

Deer Meat for Dinner features hunting, fishing, diving, and cooking of wild game and is filming and posting from the Northern Islands in the Marianas.  The program has 2.5 million subscribers, and the first nine episodes on The Marianas — including episodes filmed in Rota and Saipan two years ago — have garnered 13.4 million views to date.   The return last month of producer and host Rob Arrington, accompanied by his family, garnered 317,000 views within the first four days, alone.

YouTuber Robert Arrington, right, tapes his show “Deer Meat for Dinner” on Rota in October 2018.

 “Deer Meat for Dinner” producer Robert Arrington, right, tapes this week at Pagan, the largest of the Northern Islands. MVA photos

“Our Northern Islands can play an important role in highlighting the incredible beauty of and promoting our islands,” said Marianas Visitors Authority Managing Director Priscilla M. Iakopo.  “MVA regularly partners with digital influencers in Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan to promote the Marianas. In this new age of social media and platforms like YouTube and  the  celebrities  fostered  by  these  platforms,  we  want  to  advantage  of  opportunities  to showcase the Marianas when those opportunities are made available to us.”

Arrington is in the Northern Islands accompanied by Gov. Ralph DLG Torres.

“We need  to  capitalize  on  every opportunity  to  showcase  the Marianas,  especially during this downtime in tourism,” said Iakopo. “Mr. Arrington, like many others who have visited our islands, fell in love with the beauty of our islands and our people.  We are extremely thankful to him for showcasing our islands.”

Iakopo added that Governor Torres and Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios believe that the key to protecting the Northern Islands from destructive military use is to promote environmental protection and environmentally sustainable development, promote the northern islands role in Marianas   tourism mix/offerings/composition, and move forward with agricultural homesteads and repopulation of some islands.

The Deer Meat for Dinner program can be viewed at YouTube.com/c/deermeatfordinner or type “Deer Meat for Dinner” in the YouTube search bar.




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