Learning doesn’t stop @ GMS!

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 (GMS) — On June 15, Green Meadow School kicked off its summer classes.

Over 50 students from 1st to 8th grades signed up to receive supplementary lessons in English and Math.  Summer lessons are held three times a week and will run until July 15. Teachers prepared handouts to be picked up at the school. This allowed them to work along with students using online video and voice chat from home. Additional extracurricular subjects were added to the curriculum to broaden the young minds.

After their core subject lessons, students could join extracurricular classes to learn about Computer App coding, Japanese or Journalism.


GMS Teacher Mhel conducts reading exercises with elementary students. GMS photo

In Japanese, young students learn common words such as colors, numbers, family members and basic greetings and phrases. One excited 2nd grade student shared that she is happy that she will be able to greet Japanese foreign students and guests who have visited the school previously and could be visiting our beautiful island again.

Students in the computer class learn about basic app coding using code.org. Students in the last semester of the school year were able to create a little game where a character can be controlled to collect items and summer students aim to follow suit.

Lastly, in Journalism students practice their writing skills and learn key reporting techniques and styles. Classes are led by Ms. Ogerio who has been the editor for GMS’s student-run newsletter, Sequoia Journal.

The school year may be over, but GMS students are keeping their minds active and embracing the new online learning environment!

School year 2020-2021 enrollment is ongoing.  For inquiries, call 235-2185 or 234-0898. You may also contact the school principal, Mila Songcuan, at 483-6452.

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