CPA acquires thermal scanner for airport

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THE Commonwealth Ports Authority spent a total of $28,217 for the emergency procurement of a thermal scanner as part of the CPA Covid-19 mitigation plan.

Due to the pandemic, the CPA board issued an emergency notice for the purchase of a thermal scanner “to observe, scan and identify travelers for signs and symptoms of Covid-19, at the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport.”

In his report to the board on Wednesday, CPA Executive Director Christopher Tenorio said management bought the FeverScan M3000N, which they believe would work best with the layout of the airport arrival hallway.

He said the thermal scanner includes software, visual camera, thermal camera, screen monitor, and a housing cabinet for the computer and electronics.

Bringing the thermal scanner to the island was a challenge due to limited flights. The equipment had to be shipped via ocean freight, he added.

The price of the thermal scanner was $25,045 while the cost of the freight was $3,172, Tenorio said.

CPA and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. installed the thermal scanner in the arrival area, and  it was tested on June 25, he added.





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