‘Electrical issues’ cause islandwide power outage

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DUE to electrical issues at  Power Plant 1, a power outage affected many villages on island Thursday from around 11 a.m. to around 6 p.m.

Commonwealth Utilities Corp. Executive Director Gary Camacho said power plant engineers and electricians were able to minimize the impact of the problem.

“We were able to find the problem and manually turned off the six power circuits. They didn’t trip off so we could work inside the control room,” he told Variety in an interview.

After identifying the problem, CUC electricians immediately initiated the emergency repairs, he added.

Six  circuits were de-energized — Kiya  1, 2, 3 and 4 along  with Feeders  2 and  3 — so that  CUC power  plant  personnel  could  safely  perform repair work.  

CUC said because  the problem  involved the  electrical  equipment   in the  power  plant  control  room,  “multiple  circuits encompassing   a large  part  of the  island’s  electrical  grid  were affected.”

The power outage hit Garapan, Lower Base, Puerto Rico,  Chalan  Laulau,  San Jose,  Chalan  Kiya, As Terlaje, Kannat  Tabla, Airport  Road,  San Vicente,  Papago,  Upper and Lower  Dandan.  Obyan, As Perdido,  As Lito,  Koblerville,  Afetnas,  Fina Sisu, San Antonio,  Susupe,  Chinatown, As Gonno, Chalan  Kanoa, Chalan  Piao, Oleai/San Jose, Gualo Rai and As Falape.

The areas affected by water interruption due to the power outage were Gualo Rai, portions of Middle  Road from Gualo Rai Road to Taro Sue,  As Falape area including Dandan,  portions  of Kannat  Tabla,  As Lito,  Fina Sisu,  As Perdido, Koblerville, Isley,  As Gonno, San Antonio,  Afetnas,  Chalan  Kanoa,  Chalan  Piao, Susupe, and Oleai/San Jose.

Camacho said it was a “major problem, but it was very good that the electrician and the control room operators put a plan together with the power plant engineers to prepare a scope of work and how to address the problem.”

Camacho expressed appreciation to the power plant staff members for  fixing the problem.

No other information about the electrical issues of the power plant  was available as of press time Thursday.


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