‘Disregard recent US Census mailing’

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THE CNMI Census Office announced on Monday that residents should disregard a recent U.S. Census Bureau mail to P.O. boxes in the Commonwealth.

U.S. Census advisor to the CNMI Colleen Joyce said that this mailing was intended for stateside residents only, and that the CNMI Census Office was just made aware of this error recently.

She reported that over 8.400 residents in the Commonwealth received the mailing after the U.S. Census Bureau sent it out between June 24 and July 3.

CNMI census manager Clyde K. Norita said Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa have also been affected because the U.S. Census Bureau neglected to “filter out” the postal codes of the four territories.

U.S. Census advisor to the CNMI Colleen Joyce, left, and CNMI Census manager Clyde K. Norita, right, urge CNMI residents to disregard a recent mailing that was inadvertently sent by the U.S. Census Bureau. Photo by K-Andrea Evarose S. Limol

The mailing provides information that is not applicable to residents of the territories due to the lack of street addresses, Norita said, adding that there is a portion of the process that asks for street addresses, which CNMI residents clearly do not possess.

Norita said the U.S. Census Bureau was made aware of the error after receiving notification from the CNMI Census Office.

Joyce said should residents contact the phone number provided on the mailing that was inadvertently sent to the four territories, an automated voicemail system will direct the caller to the appropriate phone number within their jurisdiction.

Joyce and Norita also said that enumeration within the Commonwealth continues, with approximately 64% of the entire CNMI population having already responded to the census as of last week.

They added that residents who receive a Notice of Visit slip from CNMI Census enumerators are highly encouraged to call the CNMI Census Office at 692-2020 so they can opt to respond to the census either in-person or via telephone conference.

The original target date for the CNMI Census was June of this year. However, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the new target date is the end of July of this year.

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