US Coast Guard joins search for Honorio Ricky Encabo

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THE U.S. Coast Guard has joined the search for Honorio Ricky Encabo, 21, who was last seen at the infinity pool in As Teo on Sunday afternoon.

The Department of Public Safety, in coordination with the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, launched a search for Encabo after receiving a 911 call reporting a distressed swimmer that slipped and fell into the open water.

Honorio Ricky Encabo

The 911 caller told Variety that Encabo was standing at the edge of a rock in the infinity pool area when he slipped and fell into the waters.

Encabo  tried to climb another ledge where he then sat. “He looked disoriented and he had sustained scratches from the sharp rocks,” a witness said.

Two other individuals who were with Encabo encouraged him to stay where he was, but he tried to return back to the ledge where he fell the first time, but a strong current swept him underwater, a witness said.

On Sunday around 5:35 p.m., the DPS impact rescue boat arrived and conducted a search within the waters outside of the infinity pool, while DFEMS’ Search and Rescue Unit teams conducted a cliff line search for Encabo.

DPS said around 7:05 p.m. Sunday, “search teams were called off due to low-light….”

On Monday the search resumed with the U.S. Coast Guard, DFEMS spokesman Derek Gersonde said.

Variety learned from another source that Encabo’s slippers and hat were found near the infinity pool area.

As of press time Monday evening, DPS had no additional update about the search.

DPS will call off a search and rescue mission after 72 hours has passed with no result.

A Koblerville resident, Encabo is a student at Northern Marianas College and works for Saipan World Resort.




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