Ex-DPW employee asks Civil Service Commission to act on his complaint

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A FORMER employee of the Department of Public Works is asking the Civil Service Commission to address his complaint.

Felipe Q. Atalig, who served as DPW public information officer, said the termination of his employment on May 4, 2018 was “unreasonable, unfair, oppressive and discriminatory.”

Atalig said the Office of the General Attorney has already informed DPW Secretary James A. Ada about the “unauthorized withholding” of Atalig’s employment payroll check by the department.

Atalig quoted Attorney General Ed Manibusan’s letter on March 12, 2018, which stated:

“Atalig must remain on the payroll [and] given the nature of the allegations against him, it would be proper for him to be  suspended with pay or placed on administrative leave with pay during the notice period.

“At such time as criminal charges are filed, his status may be moved to suspension without pay,” the AG added.

The allegations against Atalig were not mentioned.

Atalig said the DPW decision to withhold his payroll checks has “deprived him of his fundamental due process and equal protection right.”

He said DPW should have complied with the AG’s recommendation, and that he should still be getting his paychecks.

DPW has not responded to his letter, Atalig said, adding that  his case is still pending with the Civil Service Commission even after the evidentiary hearing on April 23, 2019.

During that hearing, he said he submitted his “findings of facts and conclusions of law.”

To date, he added,  the commission has still not decided on his case.

Atalig said the hearing officer assigned to his case quit his job in Nov. 2019 and the commission has yet to find a replacement.

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” he said as he reiterated that his termination was “erroneous and unfair.”

He said because he has already “exhausted the administrative remedies, I am well prepared to take the next step.”

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