Taiwan foundation donates face masks to Aging Office

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THE Tzu Chi Foundation of Taiwan donated 1,000 disposable face masks to the Office on Aging on Tuesday.

Tzu Chi volunteer Masako Ono, wife of Japan Consul Kazuhiko Ono, said the foundation has also donated face masks to the Chalan Kanoa Diocese, the Public School System special education program, the Maturana House of Prayer, and Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.

Office on Aging  Director Walter Manglona and  Title V workers received the foundation’s donation at the manamko’ center. Through Zoom, Manglona thanked  the Tzu Chi Foundation and its deputy chief officer Simon Shyong for their kindness and generosity.


Office on Aging Director Walter Manglona, center, poses with some staff, senior citizens and Tzu Chi Foundation volunteer Masako Ono on Tuesday. Photo by Junhan B. Todino

He also expressed appreciation to Masako Ono, who has been assisting the manamko’ as a volunteer, for facilitating the donation.

“Senior citizens will benefit from this donation,” he said, adding that the face masks will also be distributed to the manamko’ on Rota and Tinian.

He said senior centers and other care facilities must “be aware of the Covid-19 symptoms and avoid exposure.”

Masako Ono said the Tzu Chi Foundation, which is a humanitarian and non-governmental organization, has  donated thousands of disposable face masks to 113 countries since the global outbreak of Covid-19 early this year.

The foundation, she added, mobilized its 63 centers worldwide to distribute the face masks.


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