80 educators complete PSS technology program

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EIGHTY educators have completed a year-long educational technology training program, Public School System-Instructional Technology and Distance Education Director Bobby Cruz said.

PSS held a virtual commencement ceremony on June 13, and among those who completed the training was Board of Education member Andrew Orsini.

“He endured the rigorous coursework and made it,” Cruz said. “He now has first-hand experience in employing transformative uses of technology to support learning.”

Orsini said the program is helpful to educators especially during the ongoing pandemic which requires social distancing.

The program  also discussed the “importance of empowering students to be proactive digital citizens, and examined student-centered applications to produce a variety of products such as multimedia presentations, infographics, and dynamic videos,” Cruz said.

 “The goal of the Educational Technology Training Program is to empower our educators with the technology tools to transform teaching and learning. This has been a year of trial for everyone —  both personally and professionally. Despite these challenges, educators from across the CNMI have decided to  challenge themselves to learn and grow and to advance learning for all of our children,” Cruz added.

PSS-Distance Education Program manager Lorraine Catienza said they will “continue to employ transformative use of technology to support teaching and learning, and to prepare our students to meaningfully participate and succeed in an increasingly tech-driven world. Our educators are the key to making this goal a reality, so we continue to invest in them.”

Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada and BOE Chairwoman Janice Tenorio participated in the  virtual commencement ceremony.

“Both leaders shared a joint message of pride for the hard work and commitment of all Ed-Tech participants from both the private and public schools who want to grow as professionals and embrace the role that technology plays in supporting learning in the 21st century,” Cruz said.









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