Alternate care site at Kanoa still not completed

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THE chairman of the Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force, Warren Villagomez said the alternate care site at Kanoa Resort is approximately 98 to 99% complete.

“But that doesn’t mean that we can’t utilize the facility if needed,” he said during a press briefing on KKMP radio Wednesday.

 “We have all of the equipment, beds, ventilators, dialyzers, as well as all of the monitors on the floor at the ACS site. Our contractor, Pacific Biomedical Services, is still there doing bench checks and bench runs.”

Villagomez said the backup generator for the facility will be installed this weekend.

 “Again, it doesn’t mean that this facility doesn’t have power. What [Patrick Guerrero], the [governor’s authorized representative], had mentioned about two weeks ago [was] 50% [completion]. We like to not overstate our completion, but we know our capability and [are] able to [meet] needs if…the ACS needs to be utilized.”

 Lawmakers toured the alternate care site at Kanoa Resort in early May. Photo by K-Andrea Evarose S. Limol

He said there are government personnel at the facility working their regular 40 hours, which, he added, does not constitute additional hours.

“Time management is well accounted for,” Villagomez said, adding that the agencies involved include the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and  the Department of Public Safety.

 “We work well with the commissioners and the secretaries [who] are supporting the task force…, We are very mindful [of] the cost, as [was stated] many times. We don’t know when the end of this [Covid-19] response [will be]. But those things are well thought out downstream.”

On Tuesday, he added, an inbound passenger was a no-show for the fifth day of testing, so the task force had to activate police officers on duty to track down the individual.

“[These] things shift on a daily basis, so that's how we structure our response,” Villagomez said.

Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna, for her part, said: “When we have a positive case, that’s when we are there for making sure that the person is recovering well. We do the initial assessment…when they’re brought in, and then continuously, at least twice a day, [we] check on them to make sure that they’re okay, as well as address their health needs, if they have any.”

She added, “Our on-call nurse is the one that provides service over there [at the ACS].”

The initial target date for the completion of the ACS at Kanoa Resort was May 22.

As of Wednesday, the CNMI had recorded 31 positive Covid-19 cases and two deaths. On Guam, as of Wednesday, there had been a total of 307 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with five deaths, 202 released from isolation, and 100 active cases. Of the total cases, 261 are classified as civilians and 46 are military service members.

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