Pro-Hong Kong demonstrators urge US to probe ‘Chinese spies’ on Saipan

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THE Chinese individuals who have been staging demonstrations on Saipan in support of the pro-Democracy protest in Hong Kong are asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to “watch out” for Chinese Communists who have been spying on them.

Jia Yiqun, one of the demonstrators, on Friday said they are members of the Saipan Support Hong Kong Union, and have been physically attacked by pro-Chinese Communists since they started their protest actions in September.

Pro-Hong Kong and democratic activists are being persecuted on Saipan, USA,” he said as he blamed the “deep infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party.”

On Sept. 1, 2019, he said they were attacked by a Chinese woman who hurled rocks at them.

He said they called the police right away, adding that the responding officers saw the attacker themselves.

However, the case has not been processed up to now,” Jia said.

On Sept. 8, 2019, he said his group was “surrounded by pro-Chinese Communist Party people during our peaceful march.”

On Dec. 22, 2019, he said his group was provoked and attacked by several Chinese men.

They were also trying to snatch the phone a young girl was using to video-record the protest. When we passed I Love Saipan, a Chinese man rushed out from Dongfang Seafood Restaurant, scolded and provoked us. We confronted him. Suddenly, he attacked Li Min’s throat. Li Min was forced to defend himself, and then…a Chinese woman and two Chinese men… participated in the attack on us.”

He said they tried to discourage the attackers but to no avail.

We were only standing up and speaking for justice, for the numerous students and young people killed by the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong. With the passage of the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act in the United States, the Saipan police should have protected our marches and protests,” he added.

Instead we have been treated unfairly by the police. Four of our victims were put into jail while none of the attackers were arrested. We requested hospital treatment for two of our wounded victims but were denied by the police,” he said.

He noted that none of their attackers have been arrested.

We are in a perilous situation. Our marches and protests are being watched and video-taped by the Chinese Communist spies. [We] are also often followed. We hereby call on the community to look out for us, support us, and provide legal aid to us. We call on the FBI and government officials to investigate this situation,” Jia said.

Variety was unable to get a comment from the Department of Public Safety.

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