RB Camacho: Food security should be top priority for NMI

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FARMER advocate Ramon B. Camacho said the CNMI government should be mindful about food security amid the Covid-19 global pandemic.

He said the pandemic has affected the transportation and shipment of goods, including food, from other countries.

“Right now we are still fortunate that we can still import food,” he said. “But if food stops coming to the CNMI, then it would be a problem.”

He said CNMI officials should make food security a priority and draw up the necessary plans.

He lauded Sen. Paul A. Manglona and Senate Vice President Jude U. Hofschneider for pushing for the implementation of agriculture programs on Rota and Tinian.

Camacho said the government should also stop or limit the distribution of agriculture homestead lots.

Instead, he added, agricultural plots should be designated to farmers who want to develop them.

In this year’s elections, he said, candidates should include a food security program on their platforms.

Camacho said although it is a big challenge for the CNMI, there is potential in a local agriculture industry.

“Let us open our eyes and see about what is in us and what we can do,” he added.


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