19-year-old conducts cleanup campaign

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MATHEN Higgins, who likes to fish, said trash is bad for the marine environment.

But instead of just “expressing concern” about littering in beach areas, he decided to do something about it.

On Thursday, the 19-year-old conducted a cleanup in Lower Base where he collected 30 bags of trash.

He said he was surprised to see household trash in the bushes: butane canisters, diapers, among other things.

Last month, he picked up trash, which also included household items, in the beach area near Francisco Mendiola Sablan Middle School in San Antonio.

 Mathen Higgins poses with the bags of trash he collected in Lower Base on Thursday. Contributed photo

Higgins, who stopped attending school after his parents passed away, said he lives with his grandmother and three siblings in As Lito.

Higgins said he started working at 15 when his mother passed away

He said he decided to help clean up beach areas, “not only for myself but for the future generations.”

He added, “I hope people will be more conscious about their trash.” Beachgoers should always bring their own trash bag and not leave trash in beach areas, he said.

He said he will also encourage his friends to join  him in his future cleanup drives.

“This is the best time to perform community service because there are no classes,” he added.

When schools reopen, he plans to enroll in the Northern Marianas Technical Institute.



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