Pro-Hong Kong protesters assaulted then wrongfully arrested

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CHINESE demonstrators expressing support for the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday were attacked by fellow Chinese nationals in Garapan. Four of the victims were then arrested by the police, the demonstrators told Variety.

Yuan Feng Kung said his right wrist was wounded when one of the attackers grabbed the flag he was waving while another demonstrator, Li Min, was punched in the throat.

The pro-Hong Kong demonstrators started holding rallies in the Garapan tourist district earlier this month.

On Sunday, one of the demonstrators, Crystle Li, said as they passed I Love Saipan on Beach Road, a Chinese man came out of Dongfang Seafood to scold and flash his middle finger at them.

She said they continued to air their support for “Hong Kong’s struggle for democracy, freedom, and human rights against the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party” while the Chinese man kept shouting profanities at them.

Suddenly, Li said, the Chinese man punched Li Min in the throat. Other Chinese men and a woman also started attacking the demonstrators as well, Li added.

The others in our team begged the attackers to stop, but they were also attacked as Li Min stepped to the side of the road. They continued to abuse and attack and threaten us until police officers arrived,” Li said.

In a statement, the Department of Public Safety stated that four individuals were arrested for disturbing the peace in Garapan on Sunday.

Police said they interviewed witnesses who told them that Yuan Feng Kung, Li Min, Xiao Wei Qin and Jia Yiqun “assaulted the victim by hitting the victim’s face with the bottom of the wooden stick before punching and stomping on the victim.”

But according to Li, police arrested four of the demonstrators “without knowing who the attackers were and who the victims were.”

The arrests, she said, “were based on the wrongful allegations of the first attacker, and they arrested us without asking us any information.”

At 6 a.m., Monday, Yuan Feng Kung, Li Min, Xiao Wei Qin, and Jia Yiqun were released by the police.

We just stood up and spoke for justice, for the numerous students and young people killed by the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong,” Li said. “With the passage of the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act in the United States, the Saipan police should protect our marches. But we have been treated unfairly by the police. Four of our victims were arrested and none of the attackers were arrested,” Li added.

Variety was unable to get a comment from DPS.

The protesters told Variety that they think there are Chinese military spies on Saipan. They said some members of Chinese organizations on island have a military background.

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