RB Camacho: NMI should be exempted from federal cockfight ban

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FORMER Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council Chairman Ramon B. Camacho is asking lawmakers to seek the exemption of the CNMI from the federal cockfight ban.

They should do something because this has been a part of the island’s culture,” he added, referring to cockfights.

He said he has been meeting with community members and many of them have “expressed concern about the federal cockfight ban” in the CNMI.

If cockfighting is “cruel,” Camacho said, why are people allowed to fight and hurt each other in boxing or mixed martials arts?

He said he never goes to cockfights, but he recognizes their “value” as one of the island’s “traditional sports.”

Camacho said CNMI lawmakers should seek support from their counterparts in the states and other territories.

It is important to have a unified stand with other states and territories so that we have a strong voice,” he added.

In October, the CNMI Legislature adopted House Joint Resolution 21-6 asking U.S. Congressman Gregorio Camacho Kilili Sablan to work for the exemption of the CNMI from the federal cockfight ban.

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