Tinian Stallion Battalion holds 2019 Cadet Challenge

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TINIAN — The Tinian Jr./Sr. High School JROTC Stallion Battalion had their Fall Semester Cadet Challenge on Friday, December 13, 2019.

On that day, cadets endured five grueling physical events, push-ups, sit-ups, shuttle run, V-Sit and Reach, and one-mile run/walk. They were given a month to train up for this event, having two days per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays PT days, and the rest of the week to train themselves. The training period included aerobic and anaerobic exercises, as well as muscle strengthening exercises and stretching. Although cadets are expected to participate in the Cadet Challenge as part of their grade, they are highly encouraged to have fun and perform to the best of their ability.

Before the event began, the battalion had to go through some preliminary procedures. Firstly, they were divided by companies, attendance was taken, and a few stretching exercises and warm-ups were led by Command Sgt. Maj. Julia Biton. Each cadet was given a water bottle with their names on it. Then, cadets that had medical conditions went to EMS to have duct tape attached to their shoulders to indicate to EMS that they may need extra attention.

After the cadets fell out of formation, they went to their assigned groups and stuck with their partner, also known as a battle-buddy. Cadets are not allowed to go anywhere without their battle-buddy. They were expected to do as many push-ups and sit-ups in one minute. For the shuttle run, cadets must sprint 30 feet from a starting position, pick up a small box from the ground, sprint back to the starting location, and set the box down. They then repeat this process and conclude the test upon returning to the starting location for the second time as quickly as possible.

The final event was the one-mile run or walk which occurred at the TJSHS parking lot. The groups that would run first were determined by a coin toss; Groups 1 and 3 were up first up and Groups 2 and 4 ran after the first two groups were finished. In an outstanding demonstration of esprit de corps, C/PV2 Matua San Nicolas and C/PV2 Samantha Santos were each escorted by their friends, running beside them and encouraging them to finish up the mile.

The Stallion Battalion added some flavor into the Cadet Challenge Bowl. The Top 3 females and Top 3 males for each category were to be awarded exclusive ribbons. The ribbon resembles the United States flag. The place that the cadet received is indicated by tiny accessories called “lamps” (Gold lamp is 1st place, silver lamp is 2nd place, and bronze lamp is 3rd place).

Top 3 females


1. Cielo Long

2. Isa Long

3. Dea Patio (Senior)


1. Charlene Danganan (Senior)

2. Keyla Flores (Senior)

3. Cielo Long


1. Anne Sanchez (Senior)

2. Dea Patio (Senior)

3. Ciara Santos

Shuttle Run

1. Colleen Cing

2. Pritzel Carreon

3. Emiliana King

One Mile Run/Walk

1. Colleen Cing

2. Emiliana King

3. Charlene Danganan (Senior)

Top 3 Males


1. Osi Reyes (Senior)

2. Sir Dela Cruz

3. Tyler Santos (Senior)


1. Kylle Cruz

2. Vincent Manibusan

3. Sir Dela Cruz


1. John Christian Guintu

2. Clarence Rodriguez

3. Karl Litulumar

Shuttle Run

1. Tyer Santos (Senior)

2. Osi Reyes (Senior)

3. Matt Soliva

One Mile Run/Walk

1. Tyler Santos (Senior)

2. Vincent Manibusan

3. Tasi Long

Lunchtime rolled around and cadets devoured palatable meals that were prepared by Captain Joseph Santos (which were actually from JC Cafe). After everyone was stuffed and satisfied, company games began, where each company displayed their enthusiasm and cooperation. The games were The Boat is Sinking, Tug-O-War, Ultimate Frisbee, and Capture the Flag. Company photos were taken and cadets were quick to clean up the area and head home to relax their aching muscles.

The Stallion Battalion wants to give a tremendous commendation to the Department of Safety and Emergency Medical Services for always coming out to our semester cadet challenges to ensure that the cadets are secured without a scratch. The battalion would also like to greatly thank their JROTC instructors Captain Joseph Santos and 1SG Jose King using the Army MPA (Mike Papa Alpha) to purchase the food for Cadet Challenge.

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